Wonder flower pot

 HI everyone my name is Kimberly nice to meet you! Today I want to introduce you to the Wonder pot. Don't be intimated by the project, it's quiet simple and beginner friendly. Using a single crochet stitch the only tricky part is holding two strands. Why two strands you may ask, well I wanted it to be able to stand if it was a real flower pot. The idea came to me around valentines day. Who doesn't want flowers on valentines day? But seeing as this is going up in March I thought it would work well for the welcome of spring. I live in Florida so we don't get any snow but I know other places are ready to be rid of snow! Hope you enjoy this fun pattern and thanks to crochetsbytrista for letting me join!


Big thanks to Tammy for testing this pattern! (picture on the right)

Kimberly Wood

All rights reserved 


Mr- Magic ring

Skill level

Beginner level

Stitches (usa terminology)

  • Single crochet throughout 

  • Half double crochet (Only for the leaves)

  • Double crochet (Only for the leaves)

For this tutorial I used a size US J 10-6.00M hook.

Materials and yarn. ( Remember you will need two balls of each color one for each strand. )

  • Red Heart Light brown weight 4 (Dirt color)

  • Red Heart Pink weight 4  (Flower color of choice)

  • Red Heart light green weight 4 ( leaf color)

  • Red Heart in light blue weight 4. (stripe of the pot)

  • Red Heart in dark blue weight 4. (Main color of the pot)

  • Red Heart in yellow weight 4. (Middle of flower)

  • Tapestry needle.

  • Stuffing 

  • J hook 

  • Stitch marker

For the rest of the pattern please follow the links below!


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